School Fees


2021 Fee Schedule

The Parish Finance Council has set tuition and resource fees for 2021.  

Tuition fees have been set as follows:

1st Child $1416.00/year

2nd Child $855.00/year

Further children $216.00/year

Tuition fees are an annual charge, and for those of you who pay the annual fee by 28 February 2021, a 5% DISCOUNT applies.

Resource fees have been set at $188 for each student for the year. Resource fees are additional to tuition fees, and the 5% annual discount does not apply to this fee.

The Extra Curricula Levy is on a per-child basis and covers specific K-6 school events only throughout the year. Any additional excursions, sporting events and/or class activities will be an additional charge to students.

A Parent Forum levy of $100 per family per year supports such initiatives as the financing of school community events and the procurement of school improvement resources.

For your convenience, and to hopefully suit your personal situation, a number of payment options or models are available:

  • one upfront payment in total for the year (5% discount on tuition fees if paid by 28 February 2021);
  • Three x Term payments are payable by Week 2 of Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3;
  • Periodic Payments throughout the year by arrangement with the School Office; and
  • Direct Debit payments, EFT, BPay Payments and Centrelink Centrepay payments:
    • Weekly payments.
    • Fortnightly payments.
    • Monthly payments.


For those wishing to take advantage of the annual payment discount and pay the yearly fee upfront, the following information is supplied:


School Fees Resource Fee Parent Forum Levy Extra Curricula Levy Total Discount on School Fees Only Payment Amount
1 Child $1416.00 $188.00 $100.00 $81.40 $1785.40 $70.80 $1714.60
2 Children $2271.00 $376.00 $100.00 $162.80 $2909.80 $113.55 $2796.25
3 Children $2487.00 $564.00 $100.00 $244.20 $3395.20 $124.35 $3270.85
4 Children $2703.00 $752.00 $100.00 $325.60 $3880.60 $135.15 $3745.45


It is also possible to pay fees by instalment ON A PER TERM BASIS. This can be paid in Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3. Each instalment is due and payable by the conclusion of Week 2. Resource Fees, School Forum Levy and Extra Curricula Levy, are required to be paid with Term 1 fees.  

For those who wish to pay on a per-term basis, the payment required for Term 1 is detailed below:


School Fees Resource Fees School Forum Levy Extra Curricula Levy Total
1 Child $472.00 $188.00 $100.00 $40.70 $800.00
2 Children $757.00 $376.00 $100.00 $81.40 $1314.40
3 Children $829.00 $564.00 $100.00 $122.10 $1615.10
4 Children $901.00 $752.00 $100.00 $162.80 $1915.80


A payment in smaller weekly, fortnightly or monthly amounts is welcome. However, arrangements must be made with the School Office or the Principal.  It is not accepted practice to wait until tax refunds are received to pay school fees. A Payment Plan must be in place in all cases when not paying fees on a per term basis.

Arrangements for 2021 will only be accepted upon completion of the Payment Plan form and returned to the school office no later than 28 February 2021.  The Payment Arrangement becomes null and void if the payment schedule is not strictly adhered to.

Parents are asked to contact the school immediately if there is difficulty with the payment of fees.