Creative Arts


Letting Go

A Community Art Project by St Francis Xavier Primary School

Hi everyone! We are creating a massive community art project to bring our school community together. The project involves making hundreds of boats out of natural materials to carry our fears and hopes for the future. To get involved:

  • Get your family members on board
  • Follow our video tutorial to make your own boat.
  • Send us a video of you holding your boat saying the fears and hopes that your boat will carry.
  • Take a photo of yourself launching your boat into the river
  • And finally, drop a pin on our interactive map
  • Detailed instructions for each step are in the video and also written below.

This project has been funded through the Catholic Schools Office Arts Partnership Grant Program. Special thanks to all the teachers and staff who have made this project possible and to the 2021 Art Extension students for their creativity and hard work in bringing the project to life.



Getting Involved

Making your boat

  • Find some natural materials to use: no glue, no paper, no string so it’s completely safe to put it in the river and won’t be a risk to animals or the environment
  • Can be as simple as a leaf with a message on it or as detailed and complex as you like!
  • To join two pieces together we used two different techniques – drilling and lashing
  • To drill, get an adult to help you and select a drill bit that is the same size as the stick you want to connect so that when you push it in it fits snugly
  • To connect using lashing, we used long reeds that you can find growing just about everywhere including in Missingham Park. You can rip them in half lengthways to make them easier to use.
  • When tying two pieces together, aim for a figure of 8 shape and then tuck the end back in under some of the other bits and pull it tight

Writing your message

  • Every boat should carry a message about what your fears are and what you hope for. Try and link these two ideas together. For instance, if your greatest fear is being alone, you might hope to always be surrounded by family and friends. 
  • You don’t have to write the whole message – it might just be key words – like ‘being alone’ and ‘family and friends’
  • You could write your message directly onto your boat – on a stick or on a leaf or you could write it on a piece of paperbark and find another way to attach it to your boat.
  • When you record your video, be sure to include the details to make your message more interesting. For instance if you hope someone invents a way to make spiders harmless or a way to make people brave, give us details about how it might work or what steps might be involved.

Recording your video

  • Record a video using a tablet or smartphone
  • Choose a quiet spot out of the wind
  • Think about what’s in the background: choose somewhere nice but not too distracting
  • Hold your boat and tell us your fears and hopes for the future: My greatest fear is….. I hope that…. You might want to practise this first before you start filming so you know what you’re going to say.
  • Make sure you film in LANDSCAPE (phone on its side) not PORTRAIT
  • The easiest way to upload your video is to navigate to this website directly from your device
  • Use the form below to select your video and upload it

Video Upload Form


Launching your boat

  • Find a safe place to store your boat until you are ready to launch it.
  • The pontoon at Fawcett Park is a great place to launch  – especially when the tide is heading out.
  • Once you launch your boat, enjoy the feeling of letting go! You don’t have to worry about whether your boat sinks or floats or goes the wrong way: it belongs to the river now.
  • Remember to take a photo of yourself launching your boat to use in the next step.

Adding your pin

  • Open the editable interactive map on the device (tablet or smartphone) where your photo is stored Map Link
  • Zoom into your location
  • Select the location pin from the top left toolbar
  • Click on the spot you launched your boat to drop the pin
  • Add your name as the title and your fears and hopes as the description
  • Click on the camera icon to upload your photo
  • Click save
  • When done, close the editable map to make sure other people’s pins don’t accidentally get edited or removed. 
  • To explore the map, check out the view only version below instead (easier from a computer due to the larger screen).

Interactive Map

This is the view only version of our interactive map. To add your pin, follow the link in the ‘Adding your pin’ section above

Video Gallery

Creative Arts Specialist Lessons

Our students enjoy engaging in The Arts at our school through our Creative and Performing Arts program. Each week, every student from Kindergarten to Year 6 engages in a specialist lesson from our school’s Creative Arts program. This lesson conducted by our specialist Creative Arts teacher is complemented by additional lessons conducted by the class teacher throughout the week. Each term we address one of the four artforms: Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance. For more details on the Creative Arts syllabus, visit the NESA Website.